New Work from Jasmin Ortiz: Belleza Project


I spent the last three years visiting Dominican beauty salons and barbershops in New York’s Washington Heights and in the Dominican Republic. I have spent this time documenting men, women and children of all ages as they transform themselves with hair-straightening tools, chemicals, fades, and braids. These beauty-altering institutions are my main subjects in my body of work because of the role they’ve played in helping me discover issues with perceived beauty and identity. I am fascinated by the power hair has in expressing, celebrating and simultaneously, surpressing ones heritage.
I encourage everyone to view my work with an openness and willingness to look a little deeper into what we think is beautiful and ask ourselves, “How will we ever learn to love and accept each other when we fail to accept and love ourselves?” - Jasmin Ortiz

Jasmin just had a show with some pieces from this series and will be up till July 25, 2208! Kenkeleba 219 E2st. at Ave. B. Till July 25th.

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